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Brian Saul and Johanna Israel-Duprey founders of Brand Natural

Brand Natural - About Us

We are a Canadian design studio specializing is branding, logo design, package design and Canadian food labelling requirements and regulations. Founders Brian Saul and Johanna Israel-Duprey have combined 40 years experience branding, positioning and creating packaging that wins on shelf.  We keep our circle tight - we work with a small network of artists and digital craftspeople, translators and label compliance specialists to help execute all our projects.

Brian Saul and Johanna Israel-Duprey founders of Brand Natural

Branding & Design - It's personal

Branding And Design float our boat. We've spent the better part of our lives thinking about it, and we are good at it. Working with Brand Natural means working with Johanna and Brian on every apart of your project.

Be ready to dig deep into what makes you special. It's our belief that understanding what you do best and why that's important to your consumers is the first step. It doesn't have to be a big harry deal, but it really is where good brand design starts and it's what all great positioning and packaging design is built on.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years. That’s how long Brian has been designing packaging. We have seen all kinds of trends and fads come and go and understand that the task is always to communicate, in a fraction of a second, what you do best and why it matters.

Package Design
Category Experience

In another life Johanna led the brand and marketing team at Left Coast Naturals. Apart from her stewardship of the Hippie Snacks brand, Johanna was responsible for marketing hundreds of products for Left Coast Natural's distribution business, giving her unique client-side insight into the importance of brand and packaging across multiple categories.

Our strengths

Custom Brand Fonts & Typography

For Brian, every project starts with the logotype and more often than not off-the-shelf fonts never quite capture the uniqueness of the brands we are trying to create. So whether you are expecting it or not it's more than likely your project will include a custom font.

Food Innovation

As a trained chef and 10 years experience in product innovation for major US food brands, Johanna brings her love of food and her deep knowledge of what consumers are looking for to every project. Ask her nicely and you might get to try her homemade bagels.

Canadian Food Labelling Regulations & Requirements

Since 2000 we been in tune with ever evolving Canadian food labelling requirements as they apply to natural foods. From the introduction of Nutrition Facts labelling in 2000 through changes to health and function claims, highlighted ingredients, plant-based and allergen claims and most recently front-of-pack nutrition labelling, we have a knack for turning what may appear to be a disadvantage into an advantage.

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Form more information about Brand Natural and to work with Johanna and Brian contact us here or ping us on social.

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