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WHICH FOODS Require Front-Of-Package Nutrition Labels.

Products high in Sodium, Sugar and Saturated Fat will be required to display the new Canadian front-of-package nutrition symbol starting in January 2026.

Canadian front-of-pack nutrition symbol

New  Canadian Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbol

Depending on the reference amount and serving size, percentage daily value (%DV)  of sodium, sugar and saturated fat will determine whether a food is required to display the new Canadian front-of-package nutrition symbol.


For most products, a %DV of 15% or higher will trigger the requirement. This should be the number on your current back-of-package nutrition facts table, but it’s important to know that the prescribed reference amount and serving size regulations were updated by Health Canada in November 2022.


At Brand Natural we start at the beginning and go beyond simply calculating the the numbers. We follow an 8-step process to help brands with the if, what, where, when and how to comply with the new Canadian front-of-package nutrition labelling requirements and most importantly, how to win on shelf.


  1. Verify the Reference amount and serving size

  2. Calculate %DV saturated fat, sugar, and sodium

  3. Establish saturated fat, sugar, and sodium thresholds based on product type

  4. Assign the correct version of front-of-package nutrition symbol  

  5. Determine the size and placement of the symbol

  6. Confirm which other nutrition and health claims are available

  7. Formulate a nutrition claims strategy

  8. Redesign label to accommodate FOP nutrition symbol and highlight product benefits 


Contact us today if you would like to discuss your front-of-package nutrition labelling strategy. Front-of Package nutrition labelling is likely to transform most categories, and whether or not your product requires the new symbol every brand should be thinking about the implications. 2026 is coming up sooner than you think.


Brand Natural is a Vancouver based branding and design studio with a specialty in Canadian Food Labelling solutions for Canadian, American and international brands: nutrition facts and claims, translation and bilingual requirements, CFIA and Health Canada regulations, and package design. Since 2001 Brand Natural has worked with some of the most recognizable Canadian, US and international natural brands as they expand and grow into the Canadian market.


Canadian labelling is about more than simple French translation and making sure that all the mandatory elements are the right size and in the right location. Because we are branders and package designers we approach label compliance from a more wholistic stand point. Our goal is to always deliver Canadian compliant label designs without compromising your brand voice, your hard earned equity, or your over all brand look and feel and we use our knowledge of Canadian labelling and packaging regulations to your advantage.

Send us your current design files and we will return them to you fully compliant, ready for print, and most importantly as beautiful and on brand and message as they were when you sent them to us.

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