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Johanna Israel-Duprey is a passionate brand builder and chef with over 20 years' experience with progressive packaged food brands in both Canada and the US. With a knack for figuring out what makes people tick, she focuses on connecting brands with their target consumer. Johanna most recently lead the creative efforts of Hippie Snacks/Left Coast Naturals as their Director of Marketing and continues to work with them in a strategic capacity. Prior to specializing in building brands, Johanna worked in culinary innovation with some of North America's largest food brands including Kraft, Frito Lay, Rosarita, Hunt's, Nestle and McDonald's. Originally from New York, Johanna made her way to Vancouver 15 years ago via San Francisco and Los Angeles. She now lives in East Vancouver with her husband, two children and a counter-surfing rescue dog named Rosie.

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