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deadline for compliance with NEw
CAnadian label regulations is December 2021

Changes to Canadian food labelling regulation announced in December 2016 become mandatory December 2021. All food labels must meet the new requirements related to nutrition facts tables, list of ingredients and sugar information.



Since 2001 Brand Natural has worked with some of the most recognizable US and international natural brands as they expand and grow into the Canadian market. Canadian labelling is about more than simple French translation and making sure that all the mandatory elements are the right size and in the right location. It's about maintaining the same packaging power and brand equity as your domestic packaging while accommodating the unique requirements of Canadian labelling regulations and leveraging any opportunities that might afford.

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If you are considering the Canadian market here are a few things you should know about Canadian food labelling requirements.

Canadian Bilingual Labelling
CanAdian Bilingual Labelling

The Canadian Packaging and Labelling Regulations require that all mandatory information must be shown in English and French (both official languages of Canada):

  • Common Name

  • Ingredients and Allergens

  • Nutrition Facts

  • Country of Origin (if required)

  • Durable Life Date (if required)

  • Food Additives, Fortifications and Grades (if required)


Additionally, any voluntary claims or statements that are subject to regulation, like nutrient content or health claims, are also required to appear in English and French.


Provincial regulation in Quebec require that all information on a food label be presented in French. Most national retailer in Canada require that food labels in their stores are consistent with the Quebec standard.


Furthermore it is expected that the French language that is used be consistent with the Quebec-based terminology and usage as it appears in Le grand dictionnaire terminologique. At Brand Natural our certified translators are mother tongue French Canadian's with extensive experience in consumer packaged goods who pride themselves of rock solid technical translation as well as romance copy translation that captures the essence of your brand message.

Canadian Food Labelling Regulations
MANDATORY CanAdian FOOD Labelling Requirements

Making your food label compliant for the Canadian market is about more than just adding french. Nutrition labelling and the list of ingredients are a couple of features that may need to be adapted. At Brand Natural our professional regulatory specialists review all the labels we work on for compliance with the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations, the Canadian Consumer Packaging and Labelling Regulations as well as Canadian Food Inspection Agency rules and guidelines including:

  • Nutrition Facts Table

  • List of Ingredients and Common Name

  • Net Quantity

  • Food Allergens

  • Health and Nutrient Content Claims

  • Other Claims and Statements

  • Bilingual Requirements

  • Country of Origin

  • Food Additives

  • Fortification

  • Grades

  • Food Specific Labelling Requirements

  • Label Information Legibility & Location

Canadian Food Labelling Services
CanAdian FOOD Labelling Services

Send us your domestic design files and we will return them to you fully compliant, ready for print, and most importantly as beautiful and on brand and message as they were when you sent them to us.

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